visual communications is like situational awareness...

What you don't see could be important.
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Not your father’s slide deck… Powerpoint has come a long way, with a broad and rich feature set. We can help you realize this potential to look your best.

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Custom Presentations

Sometimes requirements extend beyond the limits of Powerpoint. We can help with custom, 2d animation, motion-graphics and stand-alone, user driven presentations.

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Illustrations can surpass photography when used for documenting technical content, user-guides and info-graphics; or, provide alternate means where photography is not possible

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Image Editing

Clean, deft post-production for professional looking output, whether it be print, Web animation or video

We bring awareness and experience to visual communication efforts. E-mail to arrange a free consult for your next project.

Stories engage minds more than facts alone.

Imagine, for a moment, a spreadsheet application incapable of charts and graphs (Are you cringing?)

Opinions vary as to quantifying differences; but, fact remains: we are largely visual creatures, living in a constant flow of images. When was the last time you recall experiencing a text-only dream?!

Visual literacy means more than competent execution, but also seeing unrealized potential and using it to best advantage--color, scale, typography, emphasis--as important as articulate speech in debate. You wouldn't stumble with words, don't do it with visuals.

  • Eighty precent of our presentation work is ppt. The common language; and end-user-friendly.

  • Post-production video, video compositing, motion graphics and animation comprise a smaller, but necessary portion of what we do.

  • Both illustration and image-editing are strengths--and a part of pretty much everything.